Acrobat of the Heart Training Video

We’re developing a training video with Stephen Wangh that will include details of the physical exercises, and documentary footage of students learning how to apply those exercises to their text and scene work. It will also have a special commentary track for teachers and directors who want to understand how to use this training in their classrooms and rehearsals.

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12-Day Performer Training:
Summer, 2019

  • Physical work (cat, corporels, plastiques)
  • Image work, voice work, presence work, and application of the training to text
  • Applying the physical work to scenes
  • Outdoor and late-night training sessions
  • Discussions/lectures on practice
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5-Day Pedagogy Workshop:
Summer, 2019

  • Open and supportive explorations of the power dynamics that teachers encounter with their students.
  • The essential principles which underpin the pedagogy of Grotowski-based physical acting.
  • Practice teaching time during which each participant will lead a class and receive practical feedback.
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