Performer Training

Performer Training
Summer 2019

The Acrobatics of the Heart intensive offers a holistic approach to acting with the body as a source, initiated by Jerzy Grotowski in the 1960’s and further developed by Stephen Wangh. The workshop is open to students who are new to this work as well as those with extensive prior experience.

Over the twelve days, participants will study or review the physical training and apply this work to text. The training will be crafted and suited to each student’s needs. There will be 9 hours of training per day, ensemble meals, open work sessions and evening work sessions in which participants and teachers may train together.

Practices include:

  • Grotowski’s physical exercises: "Corporels" and "Plastiques"
  • Breath and voice work
  • Image work
  • Presence work
  • Impulse-channeling: "I Am One Who"
  • Scene-work rooted in physical work

Seminar to include such topics as:

  • Processing specific observations/experiences generated in the daily training
  • Balancing effort and non-effort, safety and risk, profundity and fun
  • How one can integrate this body-based work into both experimental and traditional performance
  • How this work connects and/or contrasts from other kinds of training, or from other modalities of presence-cultivation (meditation)
  • How this work can be used to help in generating devised work


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