Pedagogy Workshop

Pedagogy Workshop
Summer 2019

Over the five days, all participants will work directly with Stephen Wangh on the inner dynamics of teaching, an in depth exploration of the problems that all teachers worry about… but almost never discuss.

Pedagogy discussion topics include:

  • Working with difficult students, silent students and students who push your buttons.
  • Feedback: How it can foster either dependence or independence in students
  • Grading: Its meaning and meaninglessness
  • Power relationships, transference, and countertransference in the classroom.
  • The pivotal role of listening
  • Race, gender, and identity issues
  • How we can get beyond the habits we learned we when were students.
  • Teacher support and burn-out prevention.

Teaching Physical Acting:

  • Full-body listening
  • Image, emotion and gesture
  • How to read an actor’s body
  • Living with questions
  • Effort and non-effort

Practice teaching sessions:

A safe space in which to witness one’s own teaching methods and receive feedback from your classmates and from Stephen Wangh.

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